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Improve your planning, tracking and reporting of goods and services purchased.

If your business purchase a lot of products/ materials, we can be of service to you.

"A systematic purchasing system leads to an accurate accounts payable system."

We commit to building an PO system that helps you control your cash outflow and enables you to monitor operational/ job costs. Implementing an item/ part number driven system that reduces cost center coding errors and enables informative reporting.

Let us improve your purchasing process and help you stay on budget with our Purchasing Support Services:

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Purchase Order System

  • Assess what works and identify areas to improve

  • Compatible with AP system and job costing system

  • Use smart # system with preset GL accounts


Data Entry

  • Automating operations (PO requisition, PO issued)

  • Manage data entry and standardize input with item codes

  • Implement electronic workflow that enable easy PO authorization and POD verification

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Vendor Management

  • Improve communication with vendors

  • Resolve issues quickly so that they do not become blocked invoices

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