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Best QuickBooks Apps for Small Business Users

Repost: authored by Annie Pilon


QuickBooks is one of the top bookkeeping tools available today. With a desktop software and online version available, businesses of all sizes have used the product to track their earnings, expenses and other financial data.

But the platform can do even more when you start making use of integrated apps. There are third-party apps available for everything from uploading data from spreadsheets to tracking employee time and pay. All of these are available in the QuickBooks App Store, where you can browse or search and then download the apps of your choice directly from each product page.

So if you’re looking to improve your QuickBooks experience, here are some of the most popular and highly rated QuickBooks apps to consider.

Best QuickBooks Apps

TSheets Time Tracking

One of the most highly rated apps in the QuickBooks marketplace, TSheets offers a time tracking, payroll and invoicing solution for teams that need a bit of help managing time and/or their employees’ time and pay. There’s a free version for single-person teams, so you can access it just to track your own processes. Or you can opt for a paid plan starting at $20 per month, plus an additional $5 per user per month.


It’s becoming more and more important for small businesses to have a way to track expenses even while on the go. So Expensify offers a tool that you can use to take photos of receipts and other expense data so that you can automatically update that information in Quickbooks. Pricing starts at $5 per active user per month.


LivePlan is an app available for QuickBooks that helps business owners plan for the future with financial forecasts and budgeting tools. It works with QuickBooks to give you real time updates on your key business metrics, so you can see exactly how any new developments might make an impact on your company’s finances in the future.

Business Payments

Since so many businesses use payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe to actually facilitate transactions, Business Payments offers a solution for syncing those services directly with QuickBooks. For businesses that process less than 50 transactions per month on these platforms, the service is free. For those needing additional transactions, pricing starts at $9 per month.


For businesses looking to grow by accessing funding, Fundbox is a tool that integrates with QuickBooks so that you can apply for funding easily and automatically add your financial data from your books to provide some context about your company’s ability to pay on a loan. The price for this tool is set per invoice, with fees starting at 4.66% of the funds you use.


A CRM tool designed specifically for QuickBooks, Method:CRM gives you a way to manage all of your communications or relationships with customers and integrate your sales and CRM data together. Starting at $25 per user per month, the tool basically allows you to streamline your CRM activities by including sales and financial data within the same platform.

Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online and

To manage your company’s regular bill payment schedule, Bill Pay integrates with Quickbooks to let you pay vendors and contractors with a single click. Then you can also save time on data entry, since those payments will automatically be added to your books. The version of this tool that works with QuickBooks online is free to use.

Business Importer

Business Importer allows you to automatically import invoices, payments, expenses and other financial data from an Excel or Google doc into QuickBooks. So if you have a small team that needs to send you sales reports or other documents, you can easily move between those docs and your bookkeeping software. There’s a free trial as well as a small business plan that starts at just $10 per month.

Performance Reviews by JuvodHR

An employee management app, this tool from JuvodHR offers the ability share performance appraisals and feedback quickly and consistently. The benefit of this is to make sure team members know what is expected with them and also feel engaged at work. Pricing starts at $3.75 per user per month.

Cloud Cart Connector

For ecommerce businesses, Cloud Cart Connector gives you an easy way to have online sales added directly to QuickBooks. It syncs QuickBooks with Amazon, Bigcommerce, Infusionsoft, Shopify, ShipStation, and other platforms where you can make sales directly to online customers. Monthly plans start at $29 per month.

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