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Improve your manufacturing and field service support functions pain points. 

Manufacturing and field service companies face many challenges; most often these challenges have little to do with their core business. These industry standard pain points are typically due to support functions inefficiencies.

iC recommends manufacturing and field service companies use QuickBooks Enterprise as their accounting software. QuickBooks Enterprise is a viable option to solving these standard industry pain points.

Industry Pain Points:

  • Time tracking

  • Job scheduling (workflow and resources)

  • Job costing (labor and material)

  • Tracking estimates/ quotes

  • Tracking work orders, job completion and progress invoicing

  • Inventory management

We also recommend taking advantage of QuickBooks ability to integrate with 3rd party apps to better solve your specific pain point. 

Let us help you manage these pain points. Our ProAdvisors understand the accounting software along with the bookkeeping requirements and are experienced in solving industry specific pain points.

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