Budget vs Actual
Job Profitability
Item Profitability
Unbilled Costs by Job

Improve your ability to know what it will cost your business to provide a product or service.

iC will develop a system that is focused on supporting accurate job costs. We understand that companies succeed when they are able to know their labor, material and overhead expenses.

Let us help you develop an internal system that allows you to know your numbers.

Our Job Costing Support Services include:

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Job Costing System

  • Utilize smart numbering system

  • System that shows the value of your inventory, work in progress and cost of goods sold

  • Leads to realistic calculation of profits

  • Reduce incorrect estimates


Automate Process

  • Identify which tasks can be automated

  • Implement guidelines to handle tasks

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Data Entry

  • Manage data entry and standardize input with item codes

  • Focus on cost centers (labor, material and expense)

  • Enable cost breakdown

  • Inventory Adjustments

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