Index document data

Improve your management of contracts and documents (customer-facing, suppliers and internal).

We will develop an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and implement governance that reflects the company and government regulatory and compliance requirements.

Let us help you develop an internal system that allows you to digitize contracts/ document management process and leverage technology to support implementing electronic workflows.

Our Document Control Support Services include:

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Electronic Document Management System

  • Automate documentation process with electronic workflow

  • Make storage intuitive and systematic

  • Reduce multiplicity of data on your network

  • Cloud base


Data Entry

  • Digitize documents

  • Back scan historic documents

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Automate Process

  • Identify which tasks and workflow that can be electronic

  • Implement guidelines to handle tasks

  • Set smart indexing

  • Version control

  • Access to documents and production data anywhere anytime

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