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Improve your invoicing, collections, customer relations and cashflow

Our goal is to develop a strong AR system that will shorten your revenue cycle. 

"If you invoice customers and do not have a clear strategy for managing receivables you will experience increased delinquency."

Let us improve your receivable process and shorten your revenue cycle with our AR Support Services:

Invoicing System

  • Develop an efficient invoicing system to meet your accounting and job costing needs

  • Implement industry best practices to manage customer credit checks and collections

  • Define & communicate Payment Terms (i.e. whether interest charges will be collected on past due invoices or delinquency will be reported)

  • Enforce Payment Terms

  • Automate repetitive functions

Data Entry

  • Create Custom Templates

  • Manage data entry and standardize input with item codes

  • Verify data (get invoice approval), process it into an invoice and submit it to customer

  • Utilize customer's invoicing platform

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Customer Management

  • Strengthen customer relations with increased communications

  • Monthly Statements and follow-up calls

  • Reduce bad debt risk by performing customer credit checks

  • Resolve issues quickly so that they do not become disputes

Applying Customer Payment

  • Receive payment in client's accounting software

  • Focus on invoicing accuracy to apply payments deposits to appropriate outstanding invoice

  • Properly apply credits and discounts

1st Party Collections

  • Collect past due receivables as an extension of your staff

  • Process that increases customer contact to enforce agreed payment terms

  • Statements sent to customers monthly

  • Follow-up call to all customers with past due invoices

  • Document delinquency & dispute process (credit bureau reporting)

  • Provide weekly DSO Report (Days Sales Outstanding) to enable management to monitor receivables progress

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